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Element Engineering is a small Renewable Energy Engineering Services Company offering a wide range of specialist services to the private Generator. The company operates mainly in Scotland.
Element Engineering operates a 900kW (44 metre rotor) Wind Turbine which generates around 3,000,000 kWh of Clean Renewable Energy annually.

We offer a range of engineering support services to private Wind and Hydro generators including a qualified High Voltage Senior Authorised Person for retained inspection and switching duties. 

Element Engineering designs, supplies and installs domestic-scale Renewable Energy Systems including Wind Turbines, Hydro Turbines, Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Inverters and Batteries. We are fully equipped to service and repair Proven Wind Turbines, using hydraulic winching equipment for maximum efficiency and safety.

Element Engineering designed and installed the largest Photovoltaic System in Scotland (21kWp)

Element Engineering manages community-scale installations of Renewable Energy equipment from start to finish, and specialises in solving the challenges of remote sites.

Element Engineering has experience of most types of wind and hydro turbines and can provide inspection services to owners or prospective purchasers of machinery. Fault and damage assessment a speciality.

Element Engineering specialises in turbine and generator troubleshooting, repair, control, modification and modernisation

Element Engineering designs, installs and commissions custom control panels for new and existing wind and hydro turbines. Modernisation work regularly includes PLC control systems and remote SCADA systems.

Element Engineering manufactures and deploys specialist datalogging equipment; custom dataloggers can be provided for every application and budget